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New Product for Dogs


The Siccaro FlexDog Mat is a great protection for your car especially if you have been playing in the mud, rain or been for a swim with your dog. It provides a secure and warm place for your dog to rest. The outer organic terry fabric has natural antibacterial properties to help reduce wet dog smell in the car. The absorbent fabric will dry your dog whilst you travel allowing you to have your clean car stay that way, as it will also catch shedding fur.

New Product For Dogs


The Siccaro FlexDog Mat is made with a fusion of organic outer fabric and our especially absorbent viscose inner layer, which acts as a super sponge. Because the FlexDog Mat is made from organic fabric, which is natural and free of chemicals, you can be rest assured that it will not aggravate allergy sensitive pets. The wet2dry fabric, together with our special viscose, acts as a super sponge, to soak up any spills and they will soak up waster from your pet easily and quickly.

New Product For Dogs


If you are on the road or in transit with your dog often or like to take them on holidays, this mat is the perfect accessory. The FlexDog Mat is light-weight, durable and can fit in the car or inside your dog’s crate or cage. The inner honeycomb structure is shock absorbent and helps dogs to maintain their balance because it has anti-slip properties. If it’s warm weather, there is a reduced chance of overheating because the mat does not retain heat like rubber or foam mats, which means it’s great for summer holidays.

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