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FlexDog Mat

If you are looking for a comfortable, organic and light weight dog mat that will suit a dog with an busy lifestyle, then the Siccaro FlexDog Mat is the ultimate solution.

  • Outside layer of the FlexDog Mat features Siccaro's famous non-toxic, organic bamboo outer layer that naturally prevents from bad odour's collecting.
  • The mat is super absorbent, consisting of a viscose blend that will soak up moisture if your dog is damp or wet from working, picking up or beating ,wet walks, bath time or swimming.  
  • Contains a lightweight inner honeycomb structure, which is soft and shock absorbing (great for bumpy car rides).
  • Very breathable and won’t collect mites or other parasites.
  • The outer fabric is easily removable, you can machine wash it at 30C degrees and tumble dry it at low heat
  • Colour: Olive 
  • Available in two sizes:  70cm x 110cm and 90cm x 110cm

Unique & Organic Fabric

The Siccaro FlexDog Mat is made with a fusion of organic bamboo outer fabric and our especially absorbent viscose inner layer, which acts as a super sponge. Because the FlexDog Mat is made from organic bamboo, which is natural and free of chemicals, you can be rest assured that it will not aggravate allergy sensitive pets. The bamboo fabric, together with our special viscose, acts as a super sponge, to soak up any spills and they will soak up waster from your pet easily and quickly

Perfect for the Vehicle or Home

The Siccaro FlexDog Mat is a great protection for your vehicle especially when your dog has been out in the field all day or even between drives.  It provides a secure and warm place for your dog to rest. The outer organic bamboo terry fabric has natural antibacterial properties to help reduce wet dog smell in the car. The absorbent fabric will dry your dog whilst you travel allowing you to have your clean car stay that way, as it will also catch shedding fur.

SICCARO Flex Dog Mat - Sand - Bamboo or Elmwood

PriceFrom £139.99
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