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  • Are looking for maximum absorbency and coverage
  • Have a dog with long and/or thick coat
  • Have a dog with fluffy ears that also get wet
  • Would like to have a wide choice of colours, including the new ones
  • Have a dog that previously fell between 2 sizes
  • Would like to have the new improved fit
  • Plan to use the coat together with a harness or collar
  • Have a medium or large dog (from Cocker Spaniel to Newfoundland dog)

Solution: 400g super absorbent Wet2Dry® viscose

The inner layer is made of non-woven viscose fabric that makes the robe super-effective for drying fur. Our new viscose comes in grey colour, which makes it more practical for everyday use. Solution robe also covers and dries the feathers on the hind legs.

Solution is a new drying robe from Siccaro featuring Wet2Dry® technology with maximum absorbency. It has 20% more coverage than our classic models and has been redesigned based on customer feedback.

Solution has 2 absorbent layers: bamboo terry on the outside and a thick absorbent viscose on the inside. It covers the back legs, so you can dry your entire dog in just a quarter of an hour. The model has optimized design with improved collar, better fit, an opening for easy access to harness and reflecting elements for better visibility.

Solution robe has an improved sizing with extra "half-sizes" to better fit each dog. It is perfect for the dogs with long and thick hair, after bathtime at home, a trip to the beach or a car trip from being out on a rainy day.

Colours: Zinfandel Red, Jet Black, Elmwood (Sand and Blue Granite coming soon)

Sizes: 40-80 (From Cocker Spaniel to Newfoundland dog) Read more on our sizing

Siccaro Solution Drying Coat

PriceFrom £145.00
  • Siccaro are based in Denmark and although we stock popular items we may have to order directly which can take up to 10 Days to be delivered. Please check with us on stock updates.

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