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Product Description

Prized pooches deserve pampering, and the Teddy grooming gloves are perfect for exactly that. The silicone-studded palms are ideal for grooming and massage purposes, while also proving to increase circulation and a healthy metabolism.

Hold on to your hounds! Sometimes, ‘Sit! Stay!’ just isn’t enough. When giving your good boys and good girls a good grooming, keep your pups in place with a collar and lead.

Teddy Dog Grooming Mitts

  • Features

    • Dog Grooming Gloves x1 Pair Pack
    • Deshedding Gloves Great for Hair Removal
    • Silicone Tips for Massaging and Grooming
    • Promotes Blood Circulation
    • Promotes Metabolism

    Fabric Composition & Care

    • 100% Polyester
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