This rug is made from a 100% soft and tightly weaved polyester with elasticated edges that prevent small insects from getting to the horse. Dense and absorbing, it vents the sweat and reduces the damaging effects of UV rays on sensitive skin. Close fitting to the body, it has three separate parts that all interlock to offer your horse complete protection. The main body of the rug is fitted over the head, it is elasticated at the top of the neck, with a clip and a velcro strap to fasten to the headcollar if desired. It has a large tail flap with velcro fastening and elasticated straps with clips for the hind legs, with an adjustable clip and velcro fastening that passes between the front legs and attaches to the belly section. The belly is entirely covered with a wide removable girth that is clipped on at the top of the back. Elasticated and adjustable, with velcro and a clip anchoring system that is fully interlocking with the rug. The hood is elasticated at the top of the neck with a skirt that overlaps the top of the neck cover and features a mesh eye section and an adjustable nose strap. Machine washable.


COLOUR: Neutral

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