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Turnout Rugs

With so many turnout rugs to choose from, we're sure to have the ideal match for your horse...
We offer an affordable range of high quality, stylish and waterproof horse rugs to suit all.
 Choose your turnout rug amongst our selection of lightweight turnout rugsmedium weight turnout rugs or heavyweight turnout rugs.

Fly and Bug Rugs

Ward off those flies during the warmer days and protect your horse from irritation. We have a number of fly rugs in a range of styles to provide your equestrian friend with comfort during the heat. We have handpicked only the best quality fly rugs to ensure your horse is protected against the elements and keep those pesky flies at bay. 

Stable Rugs

We have a vast selection of stable rugs which are designed to keep your horse cosy and comfortable. The majority of stable rugs are breathable and available in a range of weights of filling, to offer varying degrees of warmth. 

Showing Attire

The ‘Honsie’ is Belvior Rugs  trademarked name for our Horse Onesie. The Honsie is a perfect product for keeping your horse or pony clean prior to competition, when either prepared on the day, the night before or just for use in transit in the lorry or trailer.

Coolers Fleeces Showing

Keep your horse protected and comfortable in one of the many fleeces and coolers in stock. Whether its to cool down after exercise, to warm up, to layer or to keep tidy while travelling you will be sure to find something to meet your needs. The majority of coolers are breathable and designed to wick moisture into the rug.


We have a wide selection of rug accessories to keep your horse comfortable. Our collection includes tail guards for travelling, shoulder guards to prevent rubbing and chaffing, hoods to provide added protection and replacement rug fastenings. So look no further than Equine Canine for all your accessories, you'll be sure to find it.

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