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Siccaro Supreme Drying Robe

Top 6 Advantages of a Siccaro Drying Robe

  1. No smell of wet dog, as we use 80% natural fibers 

  2. Bigger absorbency, meaning that you can use a coat several times on one day, as the coat can absorb 7 times its own weight.

  3. Exceptional good fitting

  4. The dog can sit with a wet coat on, in a cold car, and STILL be warm, as he coat will not cling but leave space between the coat and the skin which insulate the dog from heat and cold.

  5. The coat is made fairtrade and produced in Europe, and all elements are special made for this purpose. ( Bamboo viscose, wet2dry technology, design)

  6. The coat has a long warranty due to its high quality.

Worth the wait..... please call us

Limited stocks available 

Limited Colours and sizes available.

(can take up to 10 Days if not in stock)

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