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Please Note: we have access to a large selection of Gundog Bits and Bobs such as:

Dummies, Whistles and Lanyards, Leads and Tethers, Dummy Launchers, Game Bag Vests, Starting Pistols, Picking Up and Clothing.

Please call us or fill in a contact form and we will be happy to help with pricing and availability. Tel: 44 (0) 7494 161168 or go to Contact Us below.

Working Dogs

A skilled working dog is a pleasure to watch and a source of great pride to their owner. Every dog involved in field work deserves the chance to enjoy being a competent member of the team, and our products can help you make this happen for your dogs. Equine Canine is an online shop and resource for owners of working Horses and Hounds. Operating from our base in Hampshire United Kingdom, we seek out the best quality products, selecting only ‘best of breed’ products that we know would be of genuine use to our customers.

Because we are owners of working dogs ourselves, we are able to sell only products we have thoroughly tested and used extensively with our own dogs. if it isn’t the highest quality, and if it doesn’t live up to the manufacturer’s claims, you won’t find it on here.

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