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Need a waterproof dog walking coat for year-round use? If yes, then our waterproof shell jacket SadePomppa is the perfect choice for your dog!

The jacket’s waterproof and durable outer layer protects the dog from rain, wind and dirt. The lining is made of a smooth and anti-static material, which doesn’t absorb any moisture.

The lightweight materials allow the jacket to pack up small, so it’s easy to take along on long hikes and trips. 

  • Lightweight and comfortable waterproof jacket keeps the dog dry even in heavy rain.
  • Works as an all-purpose jacket for thick-coated dogs.
  • Suitable for most breeds and is quick and easy to put on.
  • The collar has a convenient leash hole.


SadePomppa - Waterproof Dog Jacket

PriceFrom £44.90
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